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Drake Berberet: Force Plates for Performance

Drake Berberet: Force Plates for Performance

August 15, 2022

On this episode we are joined by Drake Berberet. Drake is the Director of Sports Science at Hawkin Dynamics, a company that specializes in force plate technology. Drake also has experience as a strength coach in the collegiate and private sector that he uses to better understand what is tested with force plates.

Drake breaks down for us one of the most popular force plate tests, the countermovement jump and discusses its application to both the performance side of sports and return to play. We dive into the metrics that force plates measure and how to determine what an efficient jump looks like. We also discusses other topics such as injury mitigation, impulse, and go into specific examples of how patterns on force plates relate to athletic performance.

Here are the timestamps:

0:00 Intro

9:10 What are Force Plates?

12:12 Breaking Down The Countermovement Jump

17:12 What Goes Into Jump Height?

19:51 Phases of the Countermovement Jump

24:00 Difference Between Braking and Unweighting Phase

27:00 What is an Efficient Jump?

32:42 Detailed Breakdown of Each Phase of Countermovement Jump

36:12 Different CMJs for Different Athletes

38:42 Does a CMJ Carry Over to Sport

41:50 Force Plate Data and Return to Play

43:26 Metrics for Injury Mitigation

47:55 What is Impulse?

52:14 Athlete Examples

56:55 Ash Test and Force Plates

1:00:45 Monitoring Fatigue and Readiness

1:05:49 Advice for People New to Force Plates

1:10:21 Where to Learn More About Drake

To Learn More About Drake and Hawkins Dynamics:

Instagram: @strength2.speed, @hawkindynamics

Twitter: @dberb23, @hawkindynamics

Hawkin Dynamics:

Article Referenced on CMJs:

Jeremy Frisch: All Things Athletic Development

Jeremy Frisch: All Things Athletic Development

April 8, 2022

Great Episode with Jeremy Frisch who is the Director and Owner of Achieve Performance in Clinton, Mass. A facility that focuses on long term athletic development.

We also have co-host Connor Ryan on for this episode with Rufus and he’s does not disappoint.

On this episode Connor, Jeremy and Rufus dive into Long Term Athletic Development to discuss topics including how Jeremy coaches kids of all ages and how he structures his classes.

Here are the timestamps:

0:00 Intro

4:12 Jeremy’s Career Path

9:35 Jeremy’s Favorite Books on Long Term Athletic Development (LTAD)

13:25 Eastern Europeans and LTAD

15:12 How Jeremy Structures His Training Classes

24:10 Games as Warm Ups

31:28 How Jeremy’s Thought Process Has Changed Over the Years

36:21 Importance of Patience and Repeated Exposure For Kids

38:56 Max Effort Work For Kids

42:04 Jeremy’s Collection of Athletic Development Books

47:28 Jeremy’s Class Format Based on Age

50:00 Technique vs. Weight

54:37 Getting Kids to Jump and Develop Skills

57:57 Training Variety for Athletes

1:03:53 Throwing for Kids

1:22:55 Where to Learn More About Jeremy

More Info on Jeremy

Instagram: @achieve_performance

Twitter: @JeremyFrisch

Achieve Performance:

Derek Hansen: The Sprinting Episode

Derek Hansen: The Sprinting Episode

March 18, 2022

Another awesome episode of Smoothies With Rufus, this time with Sprint Coach Derek Hansen!

In this episode we talk all things sprinting. Derek discusses a variety of topics including the NFL Combine, coaching sprinting mechanics, exercise selection to improve sprinting ability and how to structure speed sessions to get the most out of your athletes.

Thanks for coming on Derek!

Here are the timestamps:

0:00 Intro

2:10 What Does NFL Combine Testing Tell Us?

10:38 Hamstring Injuries and Max Velocity Running

14:33 Different Between Max Velocity Sprinting and 10 Meter Accelerations

21:00 How Derek Trains One of His Football Lineman

26:36 Teaching Youth Athletes Acceleration and Max Velocity Positions

29:23 How Derek Programs Weight Training with his Sprint Work

35:34 How Derek Teaches Fluidity and Coordination During Sprinting

40:22 Programming Sled Pulls

49:29 Programming Max Velocity Work

51:22 How Derek Trains His Son During Football Season

58:38 Why Triple Extension Is Not The End Goal

1:03:57 Injuries in the NFL

1:14:45 Learn More About Derek


More Info on Derek


Twitter: @DerekMHansen

Instagram: @derekmhansen

Links to courses:

Erik Huddleston: Breaking Down the Force Production Cycle and Its Training Applications for Athletes

Erik Huddleston: Breaking Down the Force Production Cycle and Its Training Applications for Athletes

March 7, 2022

It was great to have Erik Huddleston back on Smoothies With Rufus and to hear about his new role as a strength coach for the Indiana Pacers.

In this episode Erik dives into one of his recent instagram posts on the force production cycle and ties these concepts into countermovement jump data and making better training decisions for the athletes he works with. Erik also discusses how understanding this cycle can be useful for return to play, working with different populations of athletes and with his exercise selection.


Thanks for coming on Erik!


Here are the timestamps:

0:00 Intro and Eriks Role for the Indiana Pacers

4:08 Using Sports Science to Create Positive Changes in Players

6:25 Using Data to Make Decisions

8:40 Erik Breaks Down The Force Production Cycle

14:55 Diving Into Unweighting and Braking Phase of a Countermovement Jump

20:28 Countermovement Jump in an NBA Player vs. Youth Athlete

24:00 What Role Impulse Plays in a CMJ

28:08 Training the Breaking and Unweighting Phase of a CMJ

35:35 Training Slow Tempo/Eccentric Work

41:00 Why Unweighting is Difficult for Taller Athletes

45:46 The Propulsive Cycle During a Cut

52:23 What Difficulty With Unweighting Looks Like In Sport

57:07 Reading Limb Asymmetries in a CMJ

1:01:50 CMJ and Return to Play

1:06:00 Erik’s Considerations for Return to Play

1:09:40 How Your Biases Impact Decisions

1:12:11 Why Data Doesn’t Always Tell The Full Story

1:22:25 How Erik’s Experience Prepared Him For the NBA

1:28:35 Where to Learn More About Erik


For more info on Erik check out his instagram @eph.24

Anthony Iannarino/Connor Ryan: PTs and Strength Coaches Navigating Career Decisions, Collaboration and Data Tracking

Anthony Iannarino/Connor Ryan: PTs and Strength Coaches Navigating Career Decisions, Collaboration and Data Tracking

February 18, 2022

Smoothies With Rufus is back! Kicking it off with Physical Therapist Connor Ryan out of Move Strong Physical Therapy in Cressey Sports Performance and Washington Wizards Physical Therapist Anthony Iannarino.

This is a special episode where we had three generations of physical therapists together. Anthony was Connor's PT student and Cory was Anthony's PT student.

We hit on a variety of topics including the differences in working in pro sports compared to private practice, making career decisions, seeking mentorship, the roles of physical therapists and strength coaches in sports performance, how to use data to make better decisions and lastly Anthony's key takeaway from having Connor as a mentor.

Here are the timestamps:

0:00 Intro

5:55 Connor and Anthony’s Experience in Pro Sports and Outpatient Physical Therapy

12:30 Periodizing Your Career

14:11 Seeking Out Mentorship

16:22 What is R2P Academy?

20:16 Rufus’s Experience in Rehab

24:55 Return to Play in Physical Therapy

27:06 How Connor Implements Return to Sport in His Setting

29:10 Physical Therapists Role in Sports Performance

34:55 Relationships Between Physical Therapists and Coaches

46:40 Experiences Working in Pro Hockey vs. the NBA

55:10 Using Data To Track Athlete Progress

1:01:55 Making Sense of A Variety of Data

1:03:18 Anthony’s Takeaways Having Access to More Data Tracking/Technology

1:06:08 Intuition vs. Coaching

1:15:20 Anthony’s Takeaways Having Connor as a Mentor


More on Anthony and Connor:


Personal Instagrams: @connor.ryan113 @aiannarino3_dpt


R2P Academy


Instagram: @r2pacademy


Move Strong Physical Therapy


Instagram: @movestrongphysicaltherapy

Mike Kay: Applying Forces, Shapes and Waves to a Movement Model

Mike Kay: Applying Forces, Shapes and Waves to a Movement Model

November 16, 2021

Mike Kay is a Physical Therapist/Strength Coach based out of Scottsdale, Arizona who is opening up Helix soon! We had a great time chatting with Mike and diving into his model and treatment approach. In this episode Mike does an awesome job of explaining how fundamental physics principles such as forces, waves and shapes apply to his work as a coach/PT and how he couples this with biomechanics to look at human movement. Thanks for coming on with us Mike!

Here are the Timestamps:

0:00 Intro

3:40 Overarching Principles of Mike’s Model

7:24 What Assessment and Testing Tells Us

11:04 How Mike Measures Individual Changes Over Time

14:08 Why Range of Motion Ratios Are Important to Mike

18:36 Timing For Creating Internal Rotation Into the Ground

22:08 Differences Between a Wide ISA and Narrow ISA

29:08 Creating Changes Beyond Table Measures

34:06 Applying Mike’s Model to Different Sports

38:10 Secondary Consequences to Restoring Motion

40:00 Concept of Waves in Movement

47:45 Applying Waves to Interventions

55:26 Improve Youth Pitching Mechanics Through Training

1:01:58 Differentiating Mechanics Based on Structure

1:08:40 How Mike Coaches Exercises

1:14:32 Blindfolding During Exercises

1:25:24 Integrating the Visual and Auditory Systems into the Model

1:27:07 Wave Propagation During Passive Movement

1:30:12 Advice to Young Coaches/Therapists

1:34:20 More Info on Mike Kay

More on Mike:

Instagram: @mike_kay_dpt


Be on the lookout for Mike's new gym Helix coming soon!

Lance Goyke: Insights into Navigating the Strength and Conditioning Industry

Lance Goyke: Insights into Navigating the Strength and Conditioning Industry

October 18, 2021

We had a great time chatting with our good friend and S&C coach Lance Goyke about all things related to the world of strength coaching. Lance is one of the smartest coaches we've ever met and always has a really good perspective on the technical side of training and the field as a whole. On this episode we hit a range of topics including Lance's trajectory as a coach, what his programming and coaching looks like now, some projects he's working on and how he markets himself through social media. Thanks for coming on Lance!



0:00 Intro and Lance’s Trajectory Through School

12:00 Who Lance Works With

13:57 Lance’s Training Philosophy

21:08 Developing Confidence Coaching Exercises

24:55 How Lance Teaches Other Coaches

30:22 Programming Endurance vs. Strength Work

32:25 Lance’s New Project Mastering Fitness

35:46 Training Strength Endurance and Positioning Early On

42:30 Why You Shouldn’t Only Train Strength

47:27 Explaining Health and Fitness

50:15 How to Build a Bigger Glutes

53:17 How Lance Creates Internet Content

1:01:50 Challenges Marketing Through Social Media

1:09:57 Lance’s Advice For Marketing

1:12:08 More Info on Mastering Fitness

1:21:57 Lance’s Learning Process

1:27:20 Tips for Developing as a Coach


More info on Lance:


Movement Seminar:

Mastering Fitness Project:

Youtube Page: 

Dr. Dr. Sarah Martin: A Multi-Systems Approach to Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

Dr. Dr. Sarah Martin: A Multi-Systems Approach to Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

October 4, 2021

Dr. Dr. Sarah Martin is a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist with a PhD in Neurobiology. We had a really great time diving into some different topics related to the relationship the pelvic floor has with other body systems and how Sarah integrates this information into her treatment approach as a pelvic floor therapist. Whether you are a physical therapist or coach there is plenty of valuable information to take away from this interview. Thanks Sarah!

Time Stamps

0:00 Intro

5:18 Letting Kids Get Dirty and Sensory Exposure

9:28 Discussing Sensation with Pelvic Floor Patients

13:05 Initial Interventions for Patients

15:08 Hypertonic Pelvic Floor

21:11 How to Determine Pelvic Floor Issues

24:22 Retained Reflexes and Movement Difficulties in Children

30:39 How Retained Reflexes Affect Development

42:47 Learning in the Brain for Movement

46:23 Reasons for Incontinence

56:45 Sarah’s View on Strength Training

1:02:42 Sarah’s Progression for Return to Strength Training

1:10:57 Why You Shouldn’t Force Positions

1:13:38 What is a Diastasis Recti

1:16:20 Coaching Ab Exercises and Posterior Pelvic Tilts

1:22:27 Pelvic Floor for Posture vs. Breathing

1:29:18 Using Constraints to Create a Yield at the Pelvis

1:35:45 Training Wellness vs. Performance

1:44:54 Where to Learn More About Sarah


Where to Learn More About Sarah

Instagram: @sarahmartindptphd


Elisabeth Oehler: Developing a Sustainable Training Environment for Kids

Elisabeth Oehler: Developing a Sustainable Training Environment for Kids

September 27, 2021

We had an awesome time chatting with Elisabeth Oehler, a German Weightlifting and Sports Performance Coach. Elisabeth has worked with individuals of all ages and has created a holistic approach to athletic development that allows kids to learn, get stronger and develop as an athlete and person. We covered a range of topics from the current status of weightlifting, the role of physical education and strength and conditioning for kids, talent identification in weightlifting to taking a multi-sport approach for youth athletes.

Here are the timestamps for the interview:

0:00 Intro

8:26 Doping Situation in Weightlifting

14:05 Age Groups Elisabeth Works With

15:49 Weightlifting Competition Structure in Germany

21:39 How Elisabeth Implements Strength Training for Kids

26:18 Ways To Make Training Enjoyable for Kids

29:33 Elisabeth’s Educational Background

36:21 Physical Education Class vs. Strength and Conditioning

44:11 Getting Kids to Develop Skills and Strength

50:40 Fundamental Movement Skills

58:03 Typical Training Session with Kids

1:06:59 Elisabeth’s Current Coaching Roles

1:08:45 Talent Identification in Weightlifting

1:16:44 Identifying What Makes a Talented Athlete

1:19:21 Multi-Sport Approach For Kids

1:30:56 Final Words

1:34:04 Where to Learn More About Elisabeth

More Information on Elisabeth


Link to her Course:

Instagram: @eo.performance

Twitter: @eo_performance

Derek Hansen Highlights

Derek Hansen Highlights

September 24, 2021

0:00 Objective Measures for Return to Play from Hamstring Strain

7:42 Acceleration vs. Jogging for Hamstring Strains

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